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Stamp Options

1. Be Polite, no flaming.
2. You must be a member to post and vote!
3. To be rated you must fill out an appilcation and put it under a lj-cut.
4. Don't forget to bold your votes!
5. To make sure you read the rules put "No Hero In Her Sky" as the subject
6. Please votes on at least three other applications (if available) before posting your own application (see the '!needs votes' tag for all unstamped members who still needs you votes).
7. You do not have to be stamped to vote.
8. You will be stamped after five votes or one weeks.
9. If you aren't content with your stamp, you may apply for a restamp after a month of being stamped.

Past applications/themes:
Friends Theme
Characters: Part 2
Desperate Housewives
Genre Theme
Mirror Theme
Mirror Theme: Part 2
Matchmaking Theme
Actress Theme
Characters from British TV Theme
Famous Songs Theme
Big Bang Theory & The Vampire Diaries

Closed themes:
Scrubs Theme

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